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  *Beasley Surname is gone by 1860 in Craven County, NC  
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Mark Beasley - Jun 30, 2008   View | Viewers
    The male Beasley’s of Craven County, NC have died out or left the County by 1860.   In
the Craven County 1815 Census, in Captain William Wise’s District, 1815, only two
Beesly’s are listed and one is Sarah with 3 slaves, 1100 acres   of land valued at $2200
and the other is Frances with no slaves, 250 acres and $650 in land value.   We then find
2 male Beesley’s in John Myan’s District, in 1815 and one is James Beesley, 1 free Poll, 4
slaves, 1350 acres of land at $1455 in value and Benjamin Beasly, 1 free Poll, 1 slave, 200
acres with $1000 in value.   This is Benjamin and James Beasley who sold Thomas Morris
Elisha Beasley’s land on Old Dover Rd. in Cove City, NC and the B J 1829 initials are
carved in the chimney of the Morris House (Pictures in the photo section).

In the1840 Craven County, NC Census, we find James M. Beasley who is listed from 20 – 
30 years old and unmarried.  

In the 1850 Craven County, NC Census, we find James Beasly 31 years old b:1818 Farmer
with wife Susan 28 y/o and with 2 daughters, Susan 3 y/o and Ableme 2 y/o.

James Besly 27 y/o b: 1823 Laborer, wife Ada 27 y/o, and son Christopher 5 y/o,

Benjamin Beasly 60 y/o b: 1790 Farmer, w/ wife Cherry 50 y/o, children Elizabeth 16 y/o,
Benjamin 15 y/o, John 12 y/o, George and Ann at 10 y/o.,

Mary Beasly 25 y/o living alone, and Magaret Besly 48 y/o b: 1802 w/ children Nancy 21
y/o, John 18 y/o, Nathan 15 y/o, and Susan 8 y/o.

In the 1860 Craven County, NC Census, we only find two Beasley’s and they are Mary E.
Beasley 30 y/o b: 1830 Seamstress who is listed as White, and Violet Beasley 48 y/o b:
1812 midwife who is listed as Black.   As you can see, in 1860 in Craven County, NC., we
do not find any males listed in the Census.   It looks like the line of John Beasley of
Beasley Island, Craven County, NC. continued on through the Beasley daughters who
married in to the different surnames that still exist in Craven County, NC. Today.

James Beesly b: 28 Aug 1772 d: 9 Apr 1834 is buried north of Cove City, NC at 1836
Wintergreen Rd.   James Beesly’s will dated 8 Nov 1833 lists daughters Sally Simmons,
Anna Nunn, Claissa Carman, sons Needham B. and James W. Beasley with unmarried twin
daughters Julia and Mary Beasley.   Johnson Bryan and James W. Beasley were Executors.
James’ wife Delany Wadsworth died on 18 Dec 1817.   Craven County, NC. Will Book C, pg.

In James’ cemetery is son Needham B. Beasley b: 24 Jan 1809 d: 2 Mar 1847 at 38 yrs. 9
mos. and 20 days old….   Needham was married to Sarah L. Beasley and had 2 young
children buried there who are Laura d: 31 May 1848 at 1 yr, 10 mo and 20 days and
Needham B. d: 31 May 1848 at 1 yr, 1 mo, 24 days.

Della Beasley Bryan b: 15 Apr 1885 d: 10 Mar 1963 is buried there with Henrietta Beasley
b: 20 Nov 1857 d: 20 Jan 1858, Susan J. Beasley wife of Thomas J. Bryan b: 15 Mar 1847
d: 17 Jan 1932 and Rosa Beasley Williams b: 7 May 1880 d: 26 Jun 1958 wife of Charlie
Williams d: 1951/52 per Lenward White and wife Hattie Forrest White who lived down the
road when Christine and I visited Core Creek and they knew the Williams.

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