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  *1940 Census Release Countdown with Links  
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Kaite Dyess Bales - Mar 23, 2012   View | Viewers
Categories: *Kaite's Information

1940 Census Release in

2378 Days, 10 Hours, 35 Minutes, 10 Seconds.

Helpful census Info & links at:
Census Resources for Genealogists

Look Up Enumeration Districts
Search for ED Info

Direct Link for 1940 Info

Get Your Ed's Located Now!!

Read what others had to say:
Kaite Dyess Bales - Mar 23, 2012   Viewers | Reply to this item
    A supply list for you with 1940 census:

A cardboard cutout of yourself to keep your spouse company while you’re spending quality
time with your computer. This is the kind thing to do. :)

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