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  *Abraham Beasley and family Wilmington, NC 1788-89  
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Mark Beasley - May 23, 2008   View | Viewers
    On 25 Jul 1774, Solomon Beasley bought 150 acres from a grant made to William Rigby
and Abraham Beasley was granted a patent of a 100 acres on 25 Jul 1774 in Duplin
County, NC.   Solomon Beazley sells 150 acres to Abraham Beazley on 20 August 1776 and
Auston Beazley is the witness along with Arthur Howell and Joseph Dickson.   Richard
Clinton was the Registar who Clinton, NC is named after.   On 25 Aug 1776, William Rigby
sells Austin Beesley 130 acres of land and Solomon Beazley's corner and then Solomon
Beasley's line is mentioned at the Backside of Sawney's Branch in Duplin County, NC.   In
January of 1788, Abraham Beesley sells 100 acres to Austin Beesley on the main prong of
Miller's Mill Branch, down the swamp with Thomas Carlton's line   and on Kenans line of a
patent granted to Abraham Beesley on 10 November 1784.   Abraham Beesley is
mentioned as now from New Hanover County, NC and Austin Beasley is mentioned from
Duplin County, NC.   This is where Austin Beasley raised his family and died here in 1822.  
Abraham Beasley is now in New Hanover County, NC as seen from the deeds below:

[The New Hanover County Deed Index is on microfilm in the North Carolina Room of the
local library.
This series, abstracted by Ann Hewlett Hutternan, covers the years 1725 until 1860.

Grantor                                 Grantee                   Type of Instrument   Date
Beeseley, Abraham                 Daniel Bourdour       Deed                   No date
Beesly, Abraham                 Daniel Bordeaux       Deed                   1789
Beesley, Abraham                 Richard Proby       BforT                   1792
Beesley, Abraham, Sr.             Abraham Beesley, Jr       Deed                   1801
Beesley, Abram, Sr.                 Abraham Beesley, Jr.       Deed                   1801
Beesley, Abraham                 Solomon Beesly         Deed                   1801
Beesley, Abraham                 John Crumes         Deed                   1803
Beesley, Abraham                 John Beesly         Deed                   1804
Beesley, Abraham                 Hezekiah Boneham         Deed                   1811
Beesley, Abraham                 Nathaniel McGufford         Deed                   1818
Beasley, Abraham                 Nathaniel GaEord         Deed                   1818
Beasley, Abraham                 John Harvey         Deed                   1820
Beasley, Abraham/Solomon     James Henderson         Gift Deed   1803
Beasley/AlfidCullenlMary         James Bond         Deed                   1824
Beasley, AlfrdCullen                 James Wilson         Deed                   1827
Beasley, Alfred by Shf             Joseph Lamb         Shf Deed   1829
Beasley, John                 Benjamin Morgan         Deed                   1799
Beasley, John                 Henry Wright         Deed                   1801
Beasley, John                 Ebenezer Rouse         Deed                   1815
Beasley, John                 Abram Hall                         Deed                   1819
Beasley, John                 Nicholas Bowden         Deed                   1832
Beasly, RichardRebecca A.       George J. Moore         Deed                   1849
Beasley, Rochard                 George J. Moore         BforT                   1849
Beasley, Solomon                 John Jones, Jr.         Deed                   1803
Beasley, Solomon                 James Anderson         Deed                   1804
Beasley, Solomon                 John Busley                     Deed                   1806
Beasley, Solomon                 John Jones         Deed                   1808
Beasley, Solomon                 Thomas Beasley         Deed                   1811
Beasley, Solomon                 John Murphy         Deed                   1814
Beasley, Solomon                 Benjamin Moore, Sr.         Deed                   1821
Beasley, Solomon                 Archabald L. Holt         Deed                   1826
Beasley, Solomon                 Jesse Scarborough         MTG                   1827
Beasley, Solomon                 William Lamb         Deed                     No date
Beasley, Solomon                 Jessee B. Scarborough,surety MTG   1828
Beasley, Solomon                 Jessee B. Scarborough, surety MTG     No date
Beasley, Solomon                 Jessee B. Scarborough, surety Deed   1828
Beasley, Solomon                 Jessee B. Scarborough, surety Deed   1828
Beasley, Eleanor/Solomon       Wiliam Woodcock         Deed                   1828
Beasley, Mary momas             Charles Hamson         Deed                   1741
Beasley, Thomas                 Jacob More         Deed                   1792
Beasley, Thomas                 James Wilson         Deed                   1797
Beasley, Thomas                 Arthur Moxfield         Deed                   1797
Beasley, Thomas                 Jesse Scarborough         Deed                   1815
Beasley, Thomas                 Jesse Scarborough         Deed                   1822
Beasley, Colen by coroner       Archibald L. Holt         Deed                     No date
Beasley, Elisha                 Owen Johnston         Deed                     1842

Daniel BOURDEAUX sold Abraham Beasley his first land in New Hanover Co., NC in
1788/89.   Abraham Beasley sold Austin Beasley Sr. his land on Miller's Creek in Duplin
County, NC in 1788 before he went south to New Hanover County, NC to raise his family.

Daniel BOURDEAUX, 2nd, b. 1745 in New Hanover Co., NC; died before Aug 1815 in New
Hanover Co. Married Elizabeth MILLER in New Hanover Co; she was born 1756 and died
before 1815.
SERVICE: Minute Man, New Hanover Co., NC
CHILDREN: 1. Colonel Anthony Dehielius md. (1) Margaret DEVANE (2) Priscilla HAND 2.
Richard Miller, md. Hannah HENRY 3. John Matchett, b. 1787, md. (1) Thankful HENRY, (2)
Theresa COOPER 4. Daniel, b. 26 Jul 1780 md. Hannah HENRY, widow of his brother
Richard 5. Eleanor, b. 26 Dec 1781; md. (1) James NEWTON, (2) Warren BLOUNT 6.
Priscilla, md. _______EVANS . 7. Moses Treadway, b. 1789-1791 md. Martha Ellen
Source: Texas R.W Ancestors
Submitted by: Barbara A. Shore

Abraham Beasley
Birth: About 1741 in Core Creek, Rattle Snake Brank, Beasley Island, South Carolina
Death: About 1803 in New Hanover, North Carolina
Sex: M
Father: Solomon Beasley b. 1707 in Beasley Island, Craven Co, North Carolina
Mother: Rachael Eda Taylor b. 9 Oct 1717 in Baltimore, Baltimore Co, Maryland    
Spouses & Children    
Mary Heath (Wife) b. About 1748  
Marriage: Abt 1769 in Core Creek, Rattle Snake Branch, Beasley Island, Craven Co, North
Abraham Beasley b. 1770
Solomon H Beasley b. 1772
Unknown Beasley b. 1774
James Beasley b. 1777
Rachael Beasley b. 1779
Elizabeth Beasley b. 1782
John Beasley b. 1784  

Solomon Beasley III
Birth: 10 Jun 1772 in Core Creek, NC (Craven Co.)
Death: Before 1860 in Covington Co., AL
Sex: M
Father: Abraham Beasley I b. About 1744 in Beasley Island, NC (Craven Co.)
Mother: Mary (Beasley) b. About 1748 in NC
Census: 1840 Conecuh county
Census: 1820 New Hanover Co, NC
Census: 1830 Lowndes Co, AL
Census: 1850 Covington Co., AL
Religion: OSB (Old Southern Baptist Bet 1830 and 1860 AL)
Spouses & Children    
Nancy Henderson (Wife) b. About 1775 in NC  
Marriage: 12 APR 1799 in Craven Co, NC
Nathaniel Beasley b. 17 Jan 1796 in Craven Co, NC
Elijah Beasley b. About 1799 in Craven Co, NC
Dorcus Beasley b. 2 Mar 1805 in Craven Co, NC
Orston Austin Beasley b. 1 Aug 1807 in Craven Co, NC
Fred Beasley b. 20 Jan 1808 in NC
Samuel Lemuel Beasley b. About 1809 in NC
Enoch Beasley b. 18 Feb 1813 in Dublin Co., NC
Abraham Beasley b. 25 Nov 1814 in Craven Co, NC
Elizabeth Beasley b. 16 Oct 1816 in Craven Co, NC
Delana Beasley b. 18 Mar 1817 in NC
Violia Beasley b. 2 Aug 1818 in NC

Cassandra Eclin (2nd Wife) b. About 1775 in New Hanover Co, NC  

Elijah Beasley  
Birth: About 1799 in Craven Co, NC
Death: Before 1860 in Covington Co., AL
Sex: M
Father: Solomon Beasley III b. 10 Jun 1772 in Core Creek, NC (Craven Co.)
Mother: Nancy Henderson b. About 1775 in NC
Census: 1830 Lowndes Co, AL
Census: 1850 Covington Co., AL
Spouses & Children    
Living   (Wife)
Nancy Beasley b. 1829 in AL
Susannah Beasley b. 1831 in AL
Wetthy Beasley b. 1837 in AL
Calvin Beasley b. 1839 in AL
Wilitas Beasley b. 1841 in AL
Mary Ann Beasley b. 1843 in AL
Sarah Ann Beasley b. 1844 in AL  

Enoch Beasley  
Birth: 18 Feb 1813 in Dublin Co., NC
Death: 25 Dec 1867 in Butler Co., AL
Sex: M
Father: Solomon Beasley III b. 10 Jun 1772 in Core Creek, NC (Craven Co.)
Mother: Nancy Henderson b. About 1775 in NC
Census: 1860 Butler Co., AL
Census: 1840 Conecuh county
Census: 1850 Butler Co., AL
Occupation: Blacksmith Bet 1830 and 1860 Butler Co., AL
Spouses & Children    
Rebecca Phillips (Wife) b. 1820 in NC  
Marriage: ABT 1836 in Butler Co., AL
Malinda Beasley b. 1837 in Conecuh county, AL
Winnie Beasley b. 10 Sep 1838 in Conecuh county, AL
Linsell Darinella Beasley b. 1842 in Butler Co., AL
Lucinda Beasley b. 1843 in Butler Co., AL
Eldridge Beasley b. 1844 in Butler Co., AL
Abraham Beasley b. 1845 in Butler Co., AL
Brackston B. Beasley b. 9 Dec 1845 in Butler Co., AL
Hillary Beasley b. 1846 in Butler Co., AL
Sam Huston Beasley b. 1848 in Butler Co., AL
James Beasley b. 7 Mar 1849 in Butler Co., AL
Rebecca Frances Beasley b. 1852 in Butler Co., AL
Nathaniel Albert Beasley b. 8 Apr 1855 in Butler Co., AL
Mary J. Beasley b. 19 Apr 1858 in Butler Co., AL
Nancy Beasley b. Dec 1859 in Butler Co., AL

Birth: 20 Jan 1771 in Duplin Cty. NC
Death: 11 Oct 1864 in Jefferson County, GA
Sex: M
Father:   Solomon Beasley II Craven County, NC
Burial: Beasley Cemetery
Spouses & Children    
DICEY PERDUE (Wife) b. About. 1798  
Marriage: 22 JAN 1818 in Jefferson Co., GA
REBECCA CAUSEY (Wife) b. 24 Apr 1799 in Jefferson County, GA  
Marriage: 20 OCT 1823 in Jefferson Co., GA
ABRAHAM BEASLEY b. About. 1836 in Georgia
EDMOND R. BEASLEY b. 1836 in Georgia

Solomon J Beasley
Birth: About 1772 in Craven Co, North Carolina
Death: 1862 in Rutherford County, Tennessee
Sex: M
Father: Solomon Beasley b. 1707 in Beasley Island, Craven Co, North Carolina
Mother: Rachael Eda Taylor b. 9 Oct 1717 in Baltimore, Baltimore Co, Maryland
Spouses & Children    
Unknown   (Wife)
Rachael Beasley b. 1800
Lavisa Beasley b. 1801
Durant E Beasley b. 1803
Christopher Beasley Sr b. 1804
Needham Beasley Sr b. About 1805
Louisia Lesley Beasley b. 1813
Mary Ann Beasley b. 1818
Katherine Beasley b. 1820  

Abraham Beasley's brother:
BEASLEY, William
William Beasley Rev. War Service: Pension #W9352 issued 6-6-1833, Pension Roll Vol 3,
page 220 (Department of Interior, Revolutionary War Section, Washington, D.C.
As submitted to the presiding Judge of Butler County, by William Beasley, "In order to
obtain the benefits of the Acts of Congress passed June 7,1832" State of Kentucky)
County of Butler )
On this 8th day of October, 1832, appears in open court, before the open courts of said
county, now sitting, William Beasley, a resident of the County of Butler & State of
Kentucky, aged 70 years, who first being duly sworn, according to law, doth, in this make
the following Declaration in order to obtain the benefits of The Act of Congress passed
June 7th, 1832. That he entered the service of the United States under the following
named officers and served as herein stated. That he was drafted for 3 months, but can
not recall the precise time, but recalls distinctly that he had served two months and 18
days at the time of General Gates Defeat at Camden, South Carolina, that he resided in
the State of North Carolina when he was drafted and served under Captain David Roach,
who was killed at Camden.Ensign Beasley sp. discharge Beasley. *Note Beesley is original
spelling of name. In Col. Benjamin Aksom's regiment, later Col. Leasewell's & Majors Griffin
& Nichols. That he rendesvouzed at the Ferry, Neuse River about forty milkes from New
Bern and marched to the Deep River and remained there a short time and then marched
across the Yadkin River & Rocky River by Blackstock House and the Cheraw Hills, on
Peedee River to Camden and joined General Gates about a week before the battle, and
remained in the service thereafter, 4 months, having served two months & 18 days before
he crossed on the line between North and South Carolina, and served thereafter 3
months including the 18 days that he afterwards served in a Company of 8, under
Captain Stevensen and marched to Wilmington and joined Col. R. Richard D. S. (illegible)
and continued on march 30 days, 4 of which he had volunteered, after that, he was
discharged. February 1781, he enlisted for another four months under Captain S. L. Ives
and Ensign Clarks-under command of Col. Benjamin Stiles, and Major Griffen McGee-which
he believed was the Continental Service and has always been under that impression, but
he was young at the time. *NOTE>William was b. 4-25-1762 & enlisted in February, 1781,
prior to his 18th birthday. That he has resided in Craven County, North Carolina, when he
entered the service and rendesvouzed at Wilmington. From Wilmington he marched
across the Black River and Peedee River and crossed th Santee River at Nelson's Ferry
and marched across the head of (illegible) River to P(illegible) Ponds in Carolina that he
marched to Ashley River on Bacon Bridge, then down the river to Ashley Hill, within 7 miles
of Charleston, where he continued until his service was out, when he marched back to
Wilmington, and was discharged there on the (illegible) Ponds , when he joined the army
under General Green and marched with him as stated to the place he remained until his
time was finished. That he has no documentary evidence- and knows of no person whose
testimony he can gather who can testify as to his service- but Joseph Taylor and William
Coy of Butler in this state-knows that he was in the service but was not with him. That he
was born the 25th day of April, 1762, but has no record of his age, that he continued to
live in North Carolina until about 35 years ago (1797), when he moved to Warren
County,Kentucky, where he lived about 20 years (1817) and then moved to Butler County
in said state, where he now lives. That he is acquainted with Rev. Pharris & Gary & Jacob
Smith of his present neighborhood, who can testify as to charachter for honesty and their
belief as to his services as soldier of the Revolution.
He hereby relinquishes his every claim whatever to, except pension & declares that his
name is not on the pension Rolls of any other state.
Subscribed & Sworn signed (William Beasley made his mark)
**Sources:(Copies of all in my possession) 1.DAR Patriot Index Vol. I p203 2.National
Archives Pension #W9352 3.DAR National#710623 4.Marriage Bond dated 2-3-1784,
Craven County, North Carolina signed & sealed by Moses Taylor, Father of Bride and
William Beasley, Groom 5.1825 Butler County, Kentucky Deed Book"C"Copy page
64,Declaration of assets by William Beasley for Rev War provision by act of Congress
dated 3-18-1818, wherein he states "My wife is older than I" He was born 1762
6.Kentucky Roll of Rev War Pensioners,#262195, page 220, Volume 3 7.Department of
Interior Bureau of Pension re:#W9352 states "Widow applied @ age 90 in 1851"
8.Application for benefits by Beasley's widow, Elizabeth, dated 1851 @ age 90 9.1820
Butler County, Kentucky Census Elizabeth age 59 10.1850 Butler County, Kentucky
Census Elizabeth age 89 11.1856 Declaration By Elizabeth for Wm's Rev War Benefits
On July 3, 1781, William Beasley was issued a certificate in Oxford, North Carolina for
having produced a substitute named Charles Ellums to serve in the military in his place.
(NC Genealogical Society Historical Journal, p154, August 1982.)
Submitted by: Sandra Logan Ingles

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