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  * Adds Six More Searchable States to the 1940 US Census  
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Kaite Dyess Bales - Jun 30, 2012   View | Viewers
    According to a note from, the company will release six more fully indexed and
searchable states to the 1940 U.S. Federal Census collection at midnight tonight (June 28).
One problem: I am not sure what time zone “midnight” will be. I   suspect it will be midnight
Mountain Daylight Savings Time but am not certain.

The six new states include (with corresponding record counts):

Pennsylvania –  9,900,180
Ohio –  6,907,612
Tennessee –  2,915,841
Virginia –  2,677,773
Colorado –  1,123,296
Vermont –  359,231

These states will join the collection with four other searchable states and Washington D.C.
(ME, NV, DE, NY). These ten states (and D.C.) make up more than 39 million records of the
132 million total records to be completed later this year.   These records remain searchable
for free through 2013 at

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