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  *Cammie and I are going to London, England  
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Kaite Dyess Bales - Jan 17, 2013   View | Viewers
Categories: Chit Chat
    This is let you all know that Cammie Dyess Mercer and I are planning on going to London,

We will leave on February 16th and will return on the 25th!

Please keep your fingers crossed that we will find some GREAT treasures!

We will be at the archives, libraries, historical societies, and at the end of the trip, we will
be attending a LIVE Who Do you Think you Are!    

Do any of you have contacts there you have been communicating with?  

If any of you have any experience, suggestions, etc for us, please let us know!

I have never been Over Seas!   So "country will be travelling"   LOL  

Cammie is a world wide traveller and I'm so lucky and blessed we are travelling together!

We appreciate our DYESS   Beasley!(all spellings) heritage, love our history! and so
blessed to have
each of you cheering us on!   ;-)

We have been searching for early Dyess (all spellings), Beasley's,- just hoping we can
make connections!  


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