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  *Daniel Beasley - fort Mims Massacre  
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Kaite Dyess Bales - Feb 26, 2012   View | Viewers
    Does anyone know where Daniel Beasley belongs?   Thanks!



Read what others had to say:
Eloise Howard - Mar 2, 2012   Viewers | Reply to this item
    Dear Kaite:   I think that Susan Lawrence addressed this issue re:   which Daniel Beasley was at Ft. Mims Massacre.   Perhaps she posted it on this site in File Cabinet or History section?   I recall reading it closely about 3 years ago??? eloise     

Kaite Dyess Bales - Mar 4, 2012   Viewers | Reply to this item
    Eloise, thanks so much for the information.   I will go thru the site, find it, and link it.   thanks

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