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Missouri & kids Jemima McLemore Camak/Cammack Gravestone
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 Photo Info
Posted By: Eloise Howard
Date Posted: Apr 5, 2008
Description: Daughter of JOHN FLETCHER BEASLEY (& his wife, Cecilia Samuella Hutches). Grandaughter of JOHN MALLARD BEASLEY (& his wife, Sarah F. Camak/Cammack). Great Grandaughter of REUBEN & Esther (Bramlett) BEASLEY.   "DOT" Marie Cecile Beasley (Sawyer) is shown with her groom, Claude Howard Sawyer.
Date Taken: October 6, 1916
Place Taken: New Orleans, LA
Owner: eloise howard
Album: Eloise Howard , Reuben Beasley Descendants , Solomon Beasley Sr
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Picture:"DOT" Marie Cecile BEASLEY (Sawyer)
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Kaite Dyess Bales - Apr 6, 2008   Viewers | Reply to this item
    Eloise: What a wonderful treasure!   Beautiful!     

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