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Ned Beasley @ Austin Beasley's Tombstone Elizabeth Beasley "property" to David Ryan to John Beasley
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Posted By: Ned Beasley
Date Posted: Aug 20, 2008
Description: 1777 NC map. Notice how large Craven (Cr) county is and how far north and west it covers. This is before Dobbs became Lenoir, Wayne and Greene counties and before Jones County was formed.
Date Taken: 8-20-2008
Place Taken:
Owner: Ned Beasley
Album: Austin Beasley, Jr. , Austin Beasley, Sr , Bass Beasley descendants , Craven County Beasleys , Descen. of Sarah Beasley Willis, dau of Austin, Jr. , Descendants of George Russell Beasley, son of Austin, Jr. , Descendants of Nancy Beasley daughter of Austin Sr. , Duplin Co, Beasley's Mill , Eloise Howard , Maps , Mark A. Beasley
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Picture:1777 NC Map
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  Read what others had to say:

Ralph Taylor - Aug 21, 2008   Viewers | Reply to this item
    Gee, go back further in time and North Carolina's Craven County was even bigger than in 1777. When it was formed in 1712 (out of the Archdale Precinct of Bath County), it had no defined northwestern border, It presumably stretched all the way to the Pacific Ocean. It's shrunk ever since.

The "missing border" changed when Johnston was created in 1746, then including the area that later became Dobbs.

But here's something interesting: We may still not know exactly how big Craven County is. US Geolgocial Survey maps show some of the border lines with neighboring coutnies as "indefinite boundary".

Kaite Dyess Bales - Sep 6, 2008   Viewers | Reply to this item
    Ned: thanks so much for posting this.   I crossed posted it on the Dyess site; hope you didn't mind!   thanks!     

Ned Beasley - Sep 7, 2008   Viewers | Reply to this item
    No problem.   Use it as you need.     

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