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20051124 Thanksgiving '05 - Buck's Water Trough 20051124 Thanksgiving '05 - Buck's Homestead Site
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 Photo Info
Posted By: Harry Beasley
Date Posted: Jan 7, 2006
Description: Linda Beasley inspects the water tank and windmill at Arthur's Well, Soledad Canyon.

The well and tank were dug out by hand, by Buck and some hired Mexican helpers.   After more than seventy years, the fan on the windmill still turns freely.
Date Taken: 24 Nov 2005
Place Taken: W Soledad Canyon NM
Owner: Harry Beasley Jr
Album: Descendants of George Russell Beasley, son of Austin, Jr. , Harry Beasley , Soledad Canyon, NM
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Picture:20051124 Thanksgiving '05 - Arthur's Well
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