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  *B. G. Dyess - Rapides Parish, Louisiana -  
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Kaite Dyess Bales - Jan 13, 2011   View | Viewers
    Bernice G. Dyess, known as B.G. Dyess (born August 16, 1922), is a semi-retired Baptist minister from Alexandria, Louisiana, who served as a conservative Democratic member of the Louisiana State Senate from 1996-2000. From 1964-1988, Dyess was the Registrar of Voters for Rapides Parish, a position to which he was appointed by the Rapides Parish Police Jury (akin to county commission in other states).[1] The registrarís position brought Dyess membership on the Louisiana State Board of Election Supervisors.[2] He was succeeded as Registrar of Voters by Joanell Luke Wilson.

There is a LOT more information both personal and family wise on the referenced Website.

As you all know Rev. B. G. Dyess is a brother to my dad, Rev. Oscar Carl Dyess.

B. G. Dyess is the
s/o - J. B. Dyess - Sarah Matilda Smith
gs/o - Emond D. Dyess - Margaret Mathis
g-gs/o - Thomas D. Dyess - Nancy Jenkins
gg-gs/o - George W. Dyess - Elizabeth Everett
ggg-gs/o - John Dias/Dyess - Violator Beasley


B G. Dyess
B G. Dyess

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